Print Management & Cost Recovery


What is Drivve | Print?

Drivve | Print is the reliable solution for document management and cost control. By secure document capture and release as well as the automatic distribution and redirection of print jobs and simultaneous compliance with defined print rules and rights, Drivve | Print makes printing at your work place secure, efficient and location-independent.

How does Drivve | Print work?

With Drivve | Print you can send your print jobs from your IT infrastructure straight to a print device of your choice. By using our E-Mail Printing Module you can even allow mobile employees or guests to print any kind of document via guest access. If you like you can predefine various print rules for who, what and how much can be printed – and therefore optimize costs, the environmental impact and the usage of your printer fleet.

On top you can authenticate at the device to activate scan, copy and fax functions as single-sign on or use the authentication to release your personal print jobs in a secure and confidential way.

In the background Drivve | Print logs all activities corresponding to your predefined print rules and generates reports and analysis regarding these – and only these – activities, while fleet management simultaneously monitors toner levels and all the other necessities of life.

All in all...

Drivve | Print offers secure printing as well as the management of print contingents, cost centers, print rules and reports regarding your print volumes and printer fleet. That way we provide you with a complete solution to optimize all activities around your print devices in a comfortable and sustainable way.

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Document security is a central aspect in most organizations. A modern print solution guarantees document confidentiality and protects from unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and email functions. With Drivve | Print you can send your print jobs directly from your infrastructure to a print device of your choice. The integrated user authentication ensures highest security when using shared MFPs and turns them into personal printers.

But Drivve | Print has a lot more to offer: it allows mobile employees to release their print jobs via email and the comprehensive possibilities regarding predefined print rules help you to optimize costs, usage of the printer fleet and the environmental impact for the whole company. On top, reports and analysis provide you with information regarding all print activities.

This is where high-performance meets unequalled usability, for user and administrator!

Pull Printing / Secure Printing

The right print for every employee

Document security is a central aspect in most organizations. A modern print solution guarantees document confidentiality and protects from unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and email functions. With Drivve | Print you can send your print jobs directly from your infrastructure to a print device of your choice. The integrated user authentication ensures highest security when using shared MFPs and turns them into personal printers.

  • Secure print release at the MFP, ensures confidentiality and eliminates waste
  • Display integration for supported device manufacturers
  • Simultaneous release of all print jobs: All print jobs waiting in a queue can be released simultaneously at the device
  • Users can view their personal print jobs at the device
  • Use PIN printing for all supported devices
  • Printing across locations (Pull Printing)
  • Document release as required at the device of choice (follow me): Select the required document in your hold queue at the device of your choice
  • Preview of the document to be printed at the device (function not available for all manufacturers)
  • Delete pages from the document to be printed at the device
  • Unique authentication for print and scan processes
  • Unique authentication for access to all device services
  • Authentication via ID card, PIN, RFID-Chip, network credentials
  • Authentication via PUK
  • Encrypted authentication via user ID and password
  • Personal myDrivve page


All numbers under control

With Drivve | Print you benefit from many options for cost and print control, detailed reports and the integration in third-party systems. Profound reports and evaluations offer you detailed information regarding your overall print costs. Cost reports show how much and how often employees, departments or groups are printing. That way you will always have an overview over the usage and utilization of your printer fleet – presented in diagrams or detailed excel sheets.

  • Flexible pricing models for reporting and cost recovery
  • Create price lists by page and print attributes
  • Reports per department, user etc.
  • Reports per device
  • Statistics of usage per period
  • Comprehensive usage accounting and reporting for client billing
  • Reporting for chargeback to departments, groups and single users
  • Pricing models for departments, cost centers, groups and single users
  • Allow users to have multiple accounts
  • Simultaneous allocation of costs to multiple accounts
  • Export data for billing or chargeback as CSV, XML, XLSX
  • Schedule the creation of reports
  • Graphic display of consumption, usage and configured reports in different diagrams
  • Central reports management and central report scheduling
  • Quota management:
    • Automatic updating of quotas
    • Absolute quota
    • Relative quota
    • Individual quota
  • Role-based creation of reports
  • Display of environmental savings
  • Configure number of digits for a more precise pricing
  • Assured print management tracks and manages print jobs from any platform to any network printer and device
  • Monitor energy costs

Print Policies

Define which print options shall be available

When it comes to print management, the establishment of print policies is recommended in order to optimize the usage of your printer fleet and to avoid unnecessary costs. That way you can send print jobs of a certain size to a more powerful print device, define print contingents and allow email printing only in black and white. With Drivve | Print there are hardly any limits regarding the possibilities for your print rules.

  • Restrict printing in color
  • Control print processes by print rules such as number of pages or size of a print job
  • Control print processes by print rules such as personal printing quotas or permissions (b&w vs. color)
  • Print policies based on filters and actions

Email Printing

Printing on the go

With Drivve | Print you can give your mobile employees and guests the option to print their urgent and relevant documents via email or web upload. The user sends the document which has to be printed to a predefined email address and releases the print after authentication on a device of his/ her choice. Of course this function fully integrates into your reporting and print policy management.

  • Sending print jobs via email from any mobile device to any printing device
  • Sending documents of all common formats as email attachments to the device
  • Sending documents to the device via secure website upload (upcoming)
  • Display of print jobs of the personal printing queue on the Drivve | Print myPage
  • General mobile connector for third-party software for the control of print costs (on request)
  • Automatic distribution of PUKs and user accounts by sending an email to a given email address

Fleet Management

You don’t know what they are doing

Regardless of the MFPs and network printers in use, Drivve | Print offers you a comprehensive, easy solution to keep consumable materials, device usage and the utilization of your printer fleet under control. Thanks to detailed reports for all aspects of your MFP usage, you will get all the information about the print and copy behavior within your company you need in order to make the simple and fast optimization possible.

  • Price models available for all MFP services as well as print & copy options
  • Exact tracking of device usage for copying, scanning, faxing and printing
  • Monitor consumables (for example toner, paper)
  • Statistics of availability

System Architecture

Our technique inspires

Experience comprehensive functionalities, trendsetting technologies and incomparable user-friendliness in one software. The extremely powerful, proven technology guarantees reliability and a smooth operation in your company – even in multi-server environments. In combination with the for Drivve products typical user-friendliness, Drivve | Print allows the simple installation, central web-based configuration and intuitive operation - in outstanding quality.

  • Support of all relevant network printers
  • SSL-encrypted data transfer between Drivve | Print server and the device
  • Efficient user management via LDAP/ Active Directory
  • Comfortable self-registration of ID cards
  • Complete or partly locking of the device until authentication has been successful
  • Control over user access to device services such as printing, copying, scanning and faxes
  • Browser-based central admin user interface – accessible on any platform, even mobile devices
  • Automatic print device detection – simplified installation and configuration
  • Automatic installation of statistics and cards database during installation
  • Card and guest user management
  • Single sign-on for the devices of those vendors supporting this function
  • Automatic device configuration
  • Full service logs for trouble shooting
  • Compatible with any network printer and device
  • Support for High Availability server architecture
  • Multi-server architecture
  • Master-slave architecture

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