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What is Drivve | Image?

Drivve | Image is a high-performance, feature-rich scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scan workflows into your information infrastructure. Drivve | Image optimizes business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security.

How does Drivve | Image work?

Login to Drivve | Image at your scan device and access personalized profiles, that allow for one-touch automated multilayer scan and distribution processes. Bidirectional communication between your sever, database and business applications, and your scan device of choice make it possible to use existing information for naming, categorizing and archiving scanned documents or to add relevant data by manual input, bar codes or intelligent text analysis. Multiple modules help you customize Drivve | Image‘s performance to the need of your business and make sure you will find the scanned document optimized, and enriched by relevant data, filed at the exact right place within seconds.

Who should use Drivve | Image?

To scan documents is a critical task for companies of all sizes. Guaranteeing the most efficient, enhanced and secure execution of this crucial process turns into the key factor for a successful business. Drivve | Image owns the power to tremendously optimize the scan processes of any organization or person using a scanner.

All in all, …

... by bringing together a comprehensive set of best-in class, intelligent scanning features including foolproof security functions and a ridiculously user-friendly design, Drivve | Image transforms your entire network of input devices into an exceptionally integrative, finely tuned programmable ignition system for your workflows.
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Log in at your scan device and access your personalized Drivve | Image profiles, which allow you to trigger multilayered scan and distribution processes at the push of a button. Bidirectional communication between your server, your database or your business applications and your scan device make it possible to use available information for naming, categorizing and archiving of scanned documents or to add relevant data by manual input, bar codes or intelligent document analysis.

Process your documents directly at your scan device of choice or your Windows® Desktop. Drivve | Image allows to process digitalized documents from scan devices with and without display integration.

Different modules help you to adapt the features of Drivve | Image to your personal requirements and to make sure that the quality of the scanned document will be optimized, that it will be enriched with relevant data, stored at the right place and can be found in seconds.

Scanner Power Tools (SPT)

A new dimension of scanning processes

The Scanner Power Tools are the basic module of Drivve | Image and offer you the key components for fully integrated work processes in your company.

Border crop

Eliminate any unwanted borders before sharing and storing your scanned documents.


Use the de-skew function to straighten the image of an imperfectly scanned document.

Name your document

With the intelligent Filename Generation feature, you can get your company info perfectly organized for every future search and retrieval. Define your file-naming convention in advance, including using variables. Tap automated names when filing your scanned documents or manually type in values at the display (or use a combination of both). Use any input field that the user can fill out at the scanner or multifunctional device display as part of the file name (for example, «department-company-document-document number-date & time.pdf>>).

Image cleaning

Get your scans to come out cleaner and more readable than ever by removing blobs and punch-hole marks. Delete undesired lines from any scanned image, such as those that often appear on fax documents.

Create searchable PDF documents

Generate readable and searchable PDF documents, and generate PDF/A output format for the long-term archiving of your electronic documents. PDF encryption ensures that confidential information remains private.

Autorotation of documents

Not only use Drivve | Image to straighten imperfect scans but also to autorotate documents which have been scanned the wrong way.

User authentication

Enhance the security of the scan process with intelligent user authentication, integrated in your Microsoft® Active Directory, by logging in at the device.

Blank-page deletion

Speed up and streamline your scanning process (and save money) by eliminating empty pages. Default your scans to duplex mode (two-sided), even for single-sided documents, and blank sides will be deleted from the job.

Bates stamping

Annotate and paginate documents using predefined variables, generic text and image stamping, and enter or choose a Bates profile at the scanner or multifunctional device control panel. You can stamp any kind of text or image on your scanned document, such as a date, current-user information (requires log in), and even a signature image of the current user that resides in his/her home directory.

Search function for network folders

Search for folders by initial letter or letter combination (such as “in” for “invoices” or “Jan” for “January”). This facilitates scanning documents directly to a network folder, particularly if there are hundreds of folders available.

Browse to folder

Open your folder tree, including root folder and subdirectories, right at the scanner or multifunctional device display (admin can limit access to secure directory lists).


Use your organization’s existing data as metadata to index incoming documents or to intelligently generate file and folder names. This makes not only quick retrieval but true organization a reality. Mastery of this metadata information defines the difference between entirely unstructured and perfectly structured data, the difference between losing or using your most precious asset.

Print documents

If your scanning device has print capability, use the Browse to Print feature to browse your entire network from the display panel and immediately print out documents in most popular formats. And use the Printback feature to process your scanned documents with whatever SPT functions are needed and print them out simultaneously

Separate documents

Separate your documents with a blank page or with a 1- or 2- dimensional bar code and you’ll get separate files at the computer.

OCR Module (for SPT)

Transform scanned documents into editable and searchable data

The Drivve | Image OCR (Optical Character Recognition) makes it possible to read and search your scanned documents and to use the contained information. That way, you can convert your scans into searchable PDFs, transform paper documents into editable data or filter a contract or customer number from a scanned contract.

Create searchable PDF documents

Generate readable and searchable PDF documents, and generate PDF/A output format for the long-term archiving of your electronic documents. PDF encryption ensures that confidential information remains private.

. X L S . DO C

Create editable documents in Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel

Need to generate documents that can be edited later with your preferred Microsoft® Office application? Store and send your scanned documents in such editable formats as Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, RTF or Text.

Autorotate documents

Not only use Drivve | Image to straighten imperfect scans, but also to autorotate documents which have been scanned the wrong way.

Definine zones and read text only within these zones

Use Drivve | Image Zonal OCR to process information within defined sections of your scanned document. Enhanced string manipulation even allows you to analyze functions on any type of data generated from OCR zones. Search for an invoice number within an OCR zone or search and replace certain characters in a zone. Zone OCR is a great way to automate the data entry associated with imaging tasks: it instantly processes gathered metadata to your third-party app or database.

Database Connector (for SPT)

Direct access to your database

With the Drivve | Image Database Connector you can specifically access relevant, in your information infrastructure available, information and use it for your scan process. Directly on the device you can choose the required information from the available data of your data source – that way you speed up input processes and avoid mistakes.

Connect to existing data sources

Drivve | Image provides an integrated information management solution, with powerful tools for connecting to your existing resources. The Database Connector seamlessly connects your scanner or multifunctional device with databases/filing structures, fax-group profiles for broadcasts, email lists, etc., which gives you full control of input to efficiently index and distribute your documents.


Full-text search

The intuitive Full-Text Search feature makes it easy to locate a name, an address, or any other value within your data source.

Barcode Module (for SPT)

One code – many options

Barcodes automate various work processes and serve as clearly assignable DNA of a document. Also, especially 2-dimensional barcodes can contain comprehensive information about the document. The Drivve | Image Barcode Module analyses barcode values and uses the contained data for process optimization.

Bar code reading

Index and autoroute your scanned documents by using the content stored in highly efficient bar codes. Drivve | Image analyzes bar code values and extracts specific data. You can split bar code data based on separator characters, extract parts of a bar code, use several bar codes on one page and much more.

Type and position detection

The Barcode Module reads more than 20 industry-standard 1D and 2D bar codes and detects a bar code anywhere in an image. You can also specify a bar code location.

Recognition confidence level

Sometimes a bar code isn’t easy to read: it’s blurry or smudged. The Barcode Module lets you configure a minimum confidence level, reports the confidence level of every bar code, and sends you a notification if a bar code is below the minimum.

Bar code orientations

The Barcode Module reads almost all bar code orientations: horizontal, vertical, and skewed 45º. And it lets you indicate a default orientation.

Separate documents with bar codes

The Barcode Module reads almost all bar code orientations: horizontal, vertical, and skewed 45º. And it lets you indicate a default orientation.

Cloud Connector

Google® Drive Professional Integration

The Drivve | Image Cloud Connector Module makes it possible to directly scan documents to Google® Drive Professional. On top, it allows you to select a folder in Google Drive® and determine the document name, for example by means of variables. There is also a printback function available.

Scan to Microsoft® OneDrive

The Microsoft® OneDrive Integration allows to scan documents directly to Microsoft® OneDrive and to select the folder location right at the device. Furthermore, the file name can be determined, for example by means of variables, and for each document a text file can be created in order to make it searchable.

Sending scanned documents via Gmail®

With the Drivve | Image Cloud Connector you can send your scanned documents via Gmail®, while several To-, Cc- and Bcc recipients are supported. Also, there is the possibility to create meta files in the formats CSV/XML and to send separated documents in separate emails.

Scan to WebDAV-based applications

Use the WebDAV® standard for transferring your scanned documents to cloud platforms, determine the file name, for example by means of variables, and define the filing location of the scanned documents.

Scan to Sharp® Cloud Portal Office (SCPO)

With the Drivve | Image Cloud Connector you can scan documents directly to Sharp Cloud Portal Office (SCPO)®. It also allows document indexation and determination of the file names, for example by means of variables.

Scan to Box®

Use the Box® Connector for transferring your scanned documents to the cloud platform Box® and define the file name, for example by means of variables, as well as the filing location of the scanned documents.

Universal Exchange Connector

Integration of Microsoft® Exchange and fax servers

With the Drivve | Image Universal Exchange Connector you can integrate your scan device in your IT-infrastructure for Microsoft® Exchange. Scan directly to the respective application and benefit from a diverse exchange of information.

Direct Microsoft® Exchange Integration

Drivve | Image offers the direct integration with your Microsoft® Exchange Server. For secure email exchange, log in on the display directly with your private Microsoft® Outlook account.
Back at your desk you will find the sent emails in your Sent Folder and in case the email couldn’t be delivered you will receive a notification.

Supports multiple To, Cc and Bcc recipients

Access global and personal address books from your device’s control panel and then send copies of your email message to two or more people simultaneously.

Email notification

This feature keeps you up to speed by letting you know when a new document is scanned to a specific destination.

Email and archive a document in one step

Streamline and accelerate your distribution tasks by emailing and archiving your docs simultaneously.

SharePoint® Connector

Integration of your scan processes in your SharePoint® system

The Drivve | Image SharePoint® Connector allows you to directly capture documents in SharePoint® as well as it offers automatically generated file names and folder structures. Drivve | Image makes the storage of information in your SharePoint® Installation easy and efficient.

Scan documents directly into your SharePoint® Services

Index your scanned documents, fill in customized SharePoint® fields, and browse your SharePoint® filing structure all right from the control panel. In addition, use the Drivve | Image OCR Module to store all your documents in SharePoint® as searchable PDF files.

Lotus Notes | Domino Connector

Direct integration with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

The Drivve | Image Lotus Notes | Domico Connector sends scanned documents through your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Server directly from your personal email account and you will find the sent email in your sent box or save them to your drafts and edit the message before sending it.

Access address books within IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Log in at your scan device for secure address book access and email right from your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino account. Easily chose To, Cc, and Bcc recipients from your address books, or enter the recipient's address manually from your device’s control panel. Then send copies of your email message to one or more people simultaneously.

Optimize, email and file a document in one step

Combine this module with the Scanner Power Tools to optimize and accelerate your communication processes by scanning, emailing and filing your documents right from your scanning device. During the scan process Drivve | Image optimizes image quality and provides integration to your third-party applications, like your document management.

Print Management Connector

Single-Sign-on for your scan- and printprocesses

The Print Management Connector Module offers an interface between selected Print Management Systems and Drivve | Image. Via the Single-Sign-on (SSO) function it is possible to login once to the scan-middleware Drivve | Image and the Print Management of your choice. The connector supports all possible sign-in forms, like card, RFID-Chip, PIN etc.

User interface

Drivve | Image allows to index and prepare documents at the display of your scan device or direct at the Windows® Desktop of the user’s workstation. By using devices with suitable displays the Drivve | Image interface will directly appear on the MFP to allow for multiple flexible inputs. The customer defines completely individual which input fields and input options the user will see on the display.

Drivve | Image can also be used with any network-compatible scanner without display integration. For those devices we developed a device- and server-based option to use all Drivve | Image modules. As a special functionality the device-based license allows to monitor mailboxes. This feature offers the direct connection to the application and Drivve | Image functionalities for email attachments. Furthermore the email header data, like sender, abstract and the email body text are available as variables within Drivve | Image.




When purchasing software, usually the focus is not on single features but on the added value of the solution as a whole for your company. Therefore, we would like to provide you with application examples and advantages for selected industry sectors.

We hope these examples will meet your requirements so you can then discuss your individual options with your dealer – because on this website, of course, we can only show a small, general section of all the possibilities Drivve | Image has to offer when it comes to optimizing your document-bound processes.

Education and Learning

For educational and learning institutions like schools and universities, but also for kindergartens and day-care centers, it is not always easy to master the diverse range of challenges that come with document management. Drivve | Image not only convinces thanks to its particularly simple handling, but also with the classic advantages of a scanning solution, like the optimization of document—bound processes and the protection of sensitive data.

Healthcare sector

Companies and institutions in the healthcare sector, like medical practices, hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, health insurances or pharmacies, are more and more confronted with the need of an efficient administration of the daily document volumes and the electronic provision of therein contained information. Drivve | Image offers various possibilities for simplifying, streamlining and protecting these sensitive processes.

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For companies in retail and wholesale as well as for shipping companies or similar scenarios that come along with warehousing, allocation of resources, some sales representatives and of course a whole lot of paper, the constant and quick availability of information is a particularly crucial competitive advantage. Drivve | Image makes it possible to capture documents easily and efficiently and simultaneously forward them to all the responsible departments.

Law and Taxes

Especially for notaries, lawyers and tax consultants responsible document handling and the compliance with legal regulations are the prerequisite for the trust of their customers and the success of the company. Drivve | Image offers, next to the preparation of the document for longtime storage, various options and secure processes for digital information transfer.


No matter if federal, state or local administration, if regional head office, ministry, public company, administration union – or the administration in medium-sized enterprises – whenever it comes to administration, it goes without saying that the efficient and careful handling is the key for success.
To design these processes simple and reliable is one of the core competencies of a scan solution, like Drivve | Image.

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