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Nowadays, flexibility and the capacity to act are the main factors for success. With Drivve | DM you can not only digitalize paper-bound and manual processes, but also reach new dimensions of speed, security and user-friendliness within all the higher-level and lower-level processes of your company.

Speed in retrieving information is the way to the market, to customer satisfaction and success. To make the right decision at any time, you have to be best informed at all times – relevant information has to be at your fingertips, not more than one click away.

In the document management world, working faster (more efficiently) means — and this is really the crux of the matter — freeing up valuable time for other more important things, like the kinds of things that human brains are innately better at than machines, like imagination and the other professional talents that make your organization excel.

Drivve | DM sets time free. It accelerates those pivotal processes that play a key role in your overall office performance and synchronizes workflows to keep your integrated network of knowledge running smoothly. Accessing and distributing documents? One of the most important tasks within your company, something that we all spend a lot of our time doing. Drivve | DM keeps you and your team on the same page by making all your information responsive to your needs at all times, which means all the faster your business can roll.

At the same time, Drivve | DM offers you maximum security for the electronic storage of your documents and for the handling with sensitive data and information. Whether import, administration or distribution of information or the unaltered preservation and longtime storage, security has the highest priority for Drivve.

Above all, simplicity is the highest claim on all functionalities of our Drivve products. Each functionality is elaborate and suits the user-interface perfectly. Drivve | DM can be used quickly and correctly from every member or your team. On top of that, we even expect our product to be fun to work with. That is why the user interface is not only simple but even pretty. Convince yourself of our refined design with its impressive and simple buttons and menus. A clever, elegant user-interface simplifies simply everything!

Drivve | DM Mobile App

With Drivve | DM users of Android® und Apple® iOS devices can access, read, distribute and manage their emails, reports, orders, contracts etc. on the respective device at any time. The App allows the usage of Drivve | DM on your smartphone and tablet. Experience your documents, files and to-dos on your mobile device and benefit from the advantages of a new era of security and greater flexibility than ever.

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In the era of globalization, it is important to build every single business decision on solid information. Competent service, responsive distribution, rapid administration and a customer-oriented product management – all this is only possible through an unrestricted access to all the necessary information.

Drivve | DM offers a complete solution for information administration – a powerful document management, transparent work processes thanks to an integrated process management and audit-compliant archiving.

All collected information is archived and managed in Drivve | DM – with rapid access from each work place and integrations to existing applications, like email, inventory management etc.
Imagine that: access to your information, anytime, no matter where you are.

Document Capture

Various data sources focused on one overall objective

The efficient and simple capture of documents and data provides the basis for an efficient document management. That is why Drivve offers you various possibilities for importing documents to your document management system:

  • Easy import of documents stored on your server
  • Monitoring of email inboxes
  • Document scanning through Drivve straight into the archive
  • Allocation of the document to the assigned personal inbox while capturing
  • Smooth integration to your Microsoft® Office applications
  • Document archiving directly through the Drivve | DM user-interface
  • Document import through various scan solutions
  • Possibility of document mass import
  • Document indexing during capture
  • Automatic document import thanks to monitored folders
  • Definition of mandatory fields in the Drivve | DM input mask
  • Convert existing documents into a searchable format

. X L S . P D F . DO C Document Management

The new dimension of the paper archive – better, faster, easier

Enterprises work efficient whenever relevant information is 100% available. The Drivve | DM Document Management allows you to bundle all the company’s documents and information in one place and therefore make them accessible from many different places at all times.

  • Files all kinds of documents (email, Microsoft® Office documents, PDF, CAD, etc.)
  • Draft and release management
  • Document approval
  • Version control
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Editing of Microsoft® Office documents directly in the system
  • Logging of any type of change to the document — who, what, when
  • Personal mailbox/ Groupe mailboxes
  • Compliance with existing laws and regulations (GOBD, HGB, ZBO, BDSG, GDPR)
  • All requirements for revision safety thanks to compliance with HGB, ZPO, AO and BDSG
  • Generic interface for many ERP systems
  • No restrictions as to number of documents or size of the document storage
  • Import and provision of document meta data
  • Document numbers and barcodes
  • Document filing based on pre-defined filing structures (cabinet, drawer, folder, binder)
  • Classifies and organizes records based on pre-defined document types
  • Document retention periods
  • Flexible, intuitive indexing
  • Central and web-based administration
  • Possibility to create filing structures, document and space types
  • Assign archived documents to spaces, workflows and projects
  • Creation of notes associated to the document
  • Possibility to define filing shortcuts for frequently needed filing locations
  • Possibility to see and edit document indices
  • Document download according to rules management
  • Document printing according to rules management
  • Template management for emails, notes and notifications
  • Clipping functionality for documents which belong together (for example orders, delivery notes and invoices)
  • Annotations e.g. text highlights, sticky notes and stamps can be added to the document
  • Certified digital signature including a signature image may be added to a document

Space Management

Quod non in actis, non in mundo

The organisation of information contained in spaces is the essential part of a successful knowledge management. In Drivve | DM, spaces (no matter if for projects, customers, travel routes, suppliers or products) are organized just the same as in a paper-bound archive. On top, you benefit from access control and note functions. Everything is clearly displayed and can be accessed by any authorized user at any time.

  • Space Cover Page
  • Classification of projects and spaces
  • Central access to documents belonging to a certain process
  • Context-oriented document filing and retrieval
  • Space-specific fields for space classification
  • Possibility to create personnel spaces, logistics spaces, project spaces etc.
  • Cascading from spaces into spaces
  • Management of project or space duration
  • Full-text search within spaces
  • Management of document linkings (Hyperlinking)
  • Display of general contact information in customer spaces
  • Creation of notes associated to spaces
  • Allocate process and workflow to spaces
  • Link documents to several spaces

Search & Retrieve

Our premise: just find, don’t search!

  • Full-text search over all data contained in the system, including notes
  • Search for partial terms like „starts with“, „end with“, „contains“
  • Context-oriented search engine
  • Search including “and-“ and “or"-conjunction possible
  • Possibility to restrict the search to field contents like date and invoice number
  • Combination of several terms and field contents within one search
  • Memory function for regularly used search combinations on system and user level
  • Various document views
  • One search mask for all documents
  • Search over different formats
  • Find documents by time frame, document type, filing location etc.
  • Thumbnail document preview
  • Quick overview of important documents, spaces and workflows via individually configurable dashboard

Workflow Management

Design your processes easier, faster and better

With Drivve | DM Workflow Management you can design standardized, dynamic processes – individually customized to your company. Organize workflows by priorities, automate processes by demand and create new workflows, for example invoice approval or notifications. Mandatory fields guarantee that even the smallest detail will not be overlooked. And the integrated notification system makes sure that you will never miss an appointment!

  • Individual creation of ad-hoc workflows
  • Provision of pre-defined workflow templates
  • Easy creation of workflow templates in the web interface
  • Automatization of processes
  • Priorities and due dates
  • Automatic workflow distribution
  • Automatic initializing of workflows by rules
  • Private mailbox
  • Workflow notification service
  • Individual allocation of the workflow subject
  • Deadline monitoring and alerts service
  • Record journal shows record changes and the users having changed the records
  • Creation of notes associated to workflows
  • Standardized and individual workflow control
  • Linking of related documents and spaces to a workflow
  • Distribution of data sets via email, internal link and private cloud
  • Comprehensive rights concept
  • Prioritizing of individual workflows
  • Adaption of the workflow overview to the workflow priorities
  • Controlling view for workflows according to rights management
  • Workflow search by owner, subject, status etc.
  • Possibility to individually adapt and alter workflows
  • Creation of linear workflows like follow-ups, reminders, auditing etc.
  • Email notifications for overdue workflows


Right now and wherever you go!

With Drivve | DM, technical and geographic boundaries are a thing of the past. Even far across the borders of your office, your documents and files are always with you. On your PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone, simply enter the file name or a key word, and your virtual information cabinet will open up for you. On top, Drivve | DM offers various possibilities to share documents with others. The collaboration with participants of different work processes or members of globally distributed teams has never been easier.

  • Mobile App for Android® und Apple® iOS devices
  • Provision of documents as temporary public internet links
  • Distribution of documents via email
  • Access to workflows from your mobile device
  • Browser-based architecture provides access from every Internet capable laptop or PC
  • Cloud solution for networkless access
  • Group-based mailboxes
  • Assignment of process steps to several possible groups or departments
  • No simultaneous editing of the same document thanks to Check-Out function
  • Document assignment to different mailboxes
  • Template creation for other users
  • Easy collaboration with external persons via guest licenses

Bookkeeper Bookkeeper


  • Administration, allocation and assignment of voucher
  • Administrate ledger accounts, cost centers, cost units and projects
  • Definition of VAT rates and VAT codes as well as document types or filing shortcuts
  • Definition of the ledger currency
  • Import of ledger accounts, cost centers and cost units from CSV file possible
  • Import suppliers and projects via CSV file or by linking to Drivve | DM spaces
  • Set net / gross as the default for account assignment
  • Define an automatic mapping of default index values to the booking record
  • Selection of the creditor and ledger accounts by auto-complete functionality
  • Pre-allocation of the amount, invoice number, document date, description
  • Split postings with several ledger accounts are possible
  • A posting text can be added per ledger account
  • Optional cost center, cost unit and project per ledger account can be assigned
  • Export booking records for further processing
  • Manual or automatical (via Drivve | Jobs) export of released booking records
  • The target format is a generic CSV output as well as a booking batch in DATEV ASCII format.
  • Secure booking process via dedicated permissions

System Architecture

Easy, powerful and secure

Drivve | DM is based on a robust document database which combines simplicity and robustness in a unique way. Regardless of the amount and size of its archive, Drivve | DM runs stable and secure. At the same time the browser-based architecture offers you the highest level of flexibility and a simple, quick installation and configuration. You would like more independence? Then you should go with the Drivve | DM Cloud solution!

  • Drivve | DM always comes with a seamlessly integrated database
  • The underlying object oriented database is specifically designed for document storage
  • Web-based architecture without client installation
  • Volume-Based Container Storage (VBCS)™ provides the most highly efficient storage of your document data because when the database manages containers of a definable size, data size never impedes performance
  • Use of incremental backup to secure your data is easy and highly efficient, as only the most recently created document container is actually altered. Once a container has been filled to its defined size, it doesn’t change
  • Storage capacity for an unlimited number of documents
  • Automatic back-up function
  • Open interfaces allow fast and easy communication with third-party applications
  • Server modules communicate directly with storage systems, databases and user directory - and thereby give the system a maximum of security along with easy scalability
  • Database is integrated in the authentication process
  • Identification of single user, via Drivve | DM log-in as well as at single sign-on with automatic Windows® authentication is absolutely secure
  • Additional security functions are available that protect highly sensitive documents from being accessed even by system administrators
  • Extra protection against manipulation is provided by the logging of all system changes in detail
  • Any type of modification or manipulation of archived documents can be ruled out
  • All relevant system activities are logged
  • Easy to manage back-up structure

Rights Management

Best to be on the safe side

In a document management you store sensitive data and documents. That is why your document management may not even offer the slightest possibility of manipulation. Data may not be modified or even deleted unnoticed. Finally, this sensitive information may not be accessed by just anyone either – data may be read and modified by authorized persons only. That is why a waterproof and at the same time flexible rights system is a must for your system.

  • Integrated user management with the possibility to add an unlimited number of users
  • Group-based rights: Define an unlimited number of different groups and sub-groups with specific rights
  • Role-based rights: Define access rights based on roles instead of groups
  • Rights-templates: Define rights-templates for stereotypes and assign them to users and groups
  • Security and user management with users, groups and roles
  • Access restriction based on content
  • Possibility to define users, groups and roles
  • Access to documents by types of defined users and groups
  • LDAP user synchronization
  • Integration into Microsoft® Active Directory
  • Definition of user rights based on the filing structure
  • Guest licenses with significantly reduced rights (limited by the system)
  • Ability to switch between entities with one login

Drivve | DM CLOUD

Drivve | DM Cloud delivers cutting-edge, perfectly customized access to business information.

The Drivve | DM Cloud model is a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) version and deploys our document management application as a service over the Internet. Without the need of the installation and operation of the solution on your own server, effort and expenses for back-up, maintenance and support are no longer an issue.

The process is simple: when documents are scanned using your input device of choice, the information is transferred to one of our highly secure data centers where it is stored and made available to every user in your organization through PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone.

Drivve | DM Cloud is a breakthrough in the deployment of highly efficient, affordable and easy-to-use document management software — and the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Your benefits at a glance

Low entry cost / quick amortization
A software, paid for on a monthly per user subscription, and an outsourced back-end infrastructure eliminate big start-up costs, investment risks and IT involvement.

Easy implementation and outstanding usability
Accessible for users within minutes and a highly efficient user experience thanks to the elegant and intuitive user-interface.

Remote access and online collaboration
Drivve | DM Cloud provides quick and easy access to business information over the Internet (secured through authorized user protocols), allowing geographically separated teams to increase workgroup productivity.

Focus on core competencies
Eliminate the expenditure of time and the expenses for installation, configuration and maintenance of a complex business application and use the resources for what your company does best.

Cost-effective scalability and environmental friendliness
Pay-as-you-go Drivve | DM Cloud grows with you, so you can match direct costs with application usage and eliminate the need to upgrade. The outsourced back-end infrastructure reduces the energy consumption in the company and digital document management leads to significally decreased paper volumes.

Data security, failure protection and disaster readiness
Protect business assets by dramatically improving physical and virtual data security.

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